We have put together a selection of questions on our park expansion below.

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Following very successful online ticketing that the park has been operating during the Covid-19 restrictions, the demand for park entry will be controlled by set limits of pre-purchased day tickets, pricing and designated arrival times.
The extension to Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure will provide a significant increase in the employment opportunities during both the construction and operation of the facility. It will also support the existing 120 employees as well as further support North Norfolk’s visitor economy.
No, the extension applied for will be within the existing boundaries of Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure and will not increase. The planning submission is asking for existing open space to be converted into built development and landscaping.
It is anticipated that if the extension to Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure is successful, the number of visitors to the park could potentially increase from the existing 300,000 per annum to a maximum of 500,000 per annum over a period of time.
The opening hours of Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure will remain the same. However, the new extension to the park may only be open between April to October.
Two potential routes are being considered, both inside the park. One is from the existing dinosaur trail and the other via the access road to the High Ropes attraction. Neither of these access routes requires any additional road infrastructure. The main entrance to the park will be remain the same.


Subject to the completion of the usual surveys which will take place this summer, the application will be accompanied by an Environmental Statement and will be submitted before Christmas 2021, followed by a 16-week target date for determination.
The development, including the car parking areas will be designed with permeable surfaces and surface water will be attenuated on site before being discharged into existing watercourses.
It is important to recognise that the additional attractions and rides, being added to Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure will be small scale and aimed at the target audience of 2-11-years-olds and with suitable acoustic measures so that the noise impacts of the site can be mitigated. The height of the rides will be limited with the volcano feature being the most prominent feature at 11m in height.
From the research undertaken to date there is sufficient capacity within the local road network to cope with the increase in traffic.

The opening of the Norwich Western Link will result in significant highway improvements.

Detailed assessments are being taken to confirm the presence or otherwise of protected species within the vicinity of the site, in particular bats. The scheme will incorporate appropriate habitat and bio-diversity enhancements to mitigate the impacts of the development.

A number of public exhibitions will be held to inform the local community of the proposals and answer any questions they may have. This website will also be updated to keep the community informed on the progress of the project. The public will also have the opportunity to provide comments on the application when it is submitted to Broadland Council later this year.


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ROARR! Expansion Plan


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ROARR! Expansion Plan
ROARR! Expansion Plan